Communities, eco-villages and alternative travel in Italy

This is a blog post about our experiences travelling as a small family in a camper through Italy in May 2017, on our way to the north from Sicily (read also Communities, Eco-villages and Alternative travel in Sicily).
I have a whole map dotted with communities, eco-villages and places of interest to visit, but we only had one month to get to Trentino to work in a "malga" (a little place in the mountains with cows that serves simple traditional food for trekkers and other mountain wanderers) -for the summer, so we decided to leave most places to another time and we only managed to visit 2 communities;

Arcipelago Sagarote -Diamante, Calabria

Arcipelago Sagarote lies on a beautiful hill overlooking the sea and the sunset in the north of Calabria. The house is an astounding colourful piece of art, both inside and outside!
Here lives Luciana, her son Gregorio plus a lot of other travelers, coming and going spirits. The house is the heart of the place, with a kitchen, bathrooms, a big creative workshop and private rooms plus rooms for guests.
It is a very open house, I felt extremely welcome from the first moment. It is a house open for events and meetings and has a lot of focus on people with downs syndrome and other physical or mental differences. Fighting for an "Umanita Integrale" a "Whole Humanity", transversing to all classes, ideologies, racial religions, or physical condition. Gregorio was born with downs syndrome, and definitely adds to a beautiful diversity to the house and to humanity :)
Apart from humans, here lives also dogs, cats, chickens, donkeys and a lot of grape vines, olive trees and other trees and plants.


Moonshine Tribe Caggiano, Salerno

Moonshine Tribe consists of one Italian/German family with 2 kids, and two other adults. 
When we arrived, everybody but the two men and one 2½ year old boy were gone though, so we didn't really get the full feeling of the community and the people here. We also didn't stay long, so I don't feel I can give a really good accurate description of the place.
It is a nice place though, but situated next to a marble factory and a big road, so it's not as quiet and peaceful as it could be.
It has a lot of potential though, nice people and beautiful land.

Roby cutting something in the inside kitchen, though all food was actually prepared outside over fire, "because it's nicer" :)

More on the rest of the Italy journey to come - if I get myself together!