So, I am starting a new blog! I know there are already some old posts here because I have tried to blog before, but never really succeeded so now I try again, all over!
This time it won't just be about art, no, it will be a real blog about life. Mostly about traveling life, experiences, advices and stories. I have traveled the last 5-6 years of my life, but since I just got a little baby I am staying steady for a bit, taking care of him and also looking back on the last years of learning and experiencing. It is now time to share some of the things I have learned.
I have come to know that many people are interested in "free living", how to live a free life without being enslaved by money or society, expectations and hard work, killing the spirit and joy of life. And I think i have succeeded in doing at least a bit of this. I have only had two "real jobs" (meaning within society, with a boss and fixed hours, paying taxes and so on) in my life. The first when I was 18-19 and the second I quit when I was 21. Now I am 28 and I must say I have done pretty well without these jobs ever since. I cannot promise to have the exact recipe on "how to live without a job", since most things have just come my way and happened as they have. But I can at least share my experiences!
I am kind of doing a job now, totally by my own choice, as an artist and illustrator and I am experimenting with alternative economic systems such as gift economy, about which I will also share my progress.
And then I will share a lot of my travel experiences of live on the open road! How to be a female traveler, hitchhiker, busker and artist. I will share my stories of crazy moments, people, nature, communities, rainbow gatherings, countries, cultures, tribes and families. I will share my sketches my photos, my paintings and drawings.
And then at last the future territory I am going into as being a mother in this kind of life. If it is even possible, but everything until now has been, so why not also this?
Looking forward to begin writing and sharing!
See you
Picture from Holi Festival in Varanasi India, taken by my friend Lucas


  1. Hi Freja! I'm so excited to hear more! :) Thanks for sharing with the world. <3


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