FAQ about Gift Economy

What is a Gift Economy?
Actually, Gift Economy in it's term describes "a mode of exchange where valuables are not sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. In contrast to a barter economy or a market economy, social norms and custom govern gift exchange, rather than an explicit exchange of good or services for money or some other commodity" (from Wikipedia).
In this case, applied to a business, it is a bit different, since a gift economy usually thrives between members of the same community, where everybody feels free to ask for favours and help each other without exchange, because they know that someone would help them back in return when they need. In this case, the exchange is usually between strangers, so there is most often made a more or less immediate exchange, the difference is that the buyer decides exactly what he or she wants to give in return, instead of the seller setting the price.

How does it work?
You tell me what you want, I try to make it as good as I can. I send or give you the item, you see it for yourself and you decide what you want to give me in return.

But how do I know what to give?
Don't worry! You have all the time you want to decide what you want to give back, and I will help you too!
I will provide you with information on how much time I have spend (you could for example give me something similar to what you yourself makes per hour), plus extra costs (shipping and materials).
I can also give you a price range of what others have paid for a similar product. You could choose to give an average of what others have given.
Maybe you already have an idea of what you would like to spend. You can keep that idea in mind or you can tell me already to begin with and the roles are changed - you give me what you want and I give back the gift in return!
The last option is to look at the item, close your eyes and feel in your heart, how much you feel happy about giving in return!
It should make you feel good, not feeling ripped off or feeling like a thief.
Keep in mind, I want YOU to feel good with giving what you feel is fair. Don't think about what I expect. I am happy to give my gift and I believe what goes around comes around.

What if I feel the item is worth more than I want to spend?
In case the price range of what others have given is higher than you expected or I spend more time and materials than you feel you can afford, don't worry. Give me whatever you feel you can afford and I'll be happy! I want everybody to be able to receive my gift, even those that have little to give back. Everything is relative. If you give me what feel like a lot for you, even though it is less than a richer person would give, it will feel like a lot to me to

What if I feel the item is worth less?
If you are disappointed with what you receive, if it's not what you expected or you feel that what others paid is way too much, don't worry either! Just give me what YOU think it is worth and I will learn and grow too from your honesty!

Is there a minimum or maximum price?
No, it is all up to you. I would be happy if you would at least cover my shipping costs, but that's it. The price range I'll give you (if you want it) is just for advice, nothing else. You are always welcome to expand it!