Portrait and news

So I finished the portrait I was working on, I think - something missing? What do you say? 
I had fun with watercolor pencils. For some reason I haven't used these for a loong time, and I don't know why, because we go really well together! I really love water colors and water color pencils are so easy and friendly to use.
I was planning to do something else with the leaves but somehow they wanted to be lain simple like this.

Apart from drawing I've been looking into a lot of communities and eco-villages around Italy to visit. I found especially one that is starting up and looking for families to join them. They have a boy exactly same age as Willow there :) So I am getting excited to go and visit a lot of places. Looks like we'll probably start out with Italy then. But not before Autumn since we are doing the garden here and futher more I am going to Denmark for a month to take a driver's license, finally, something I have wanted to do for a long time now. And then we need to find a van to be our home when we leave our spot here.

Happy planting season