What's been up

So, I decided to do a little update, even though I've de-prioritized this stuff lately!

First of all, since I decided to stop thinking about updating, uploading, getting commissions and all this too much stuff - I have been so much happier! So I have generally had some nice "relaxed" time with my family - been a month in Denmark to see my family and else spend time with my son and partner in Italy and digging a lot in the soil!

Willow and Roberto in our circle beds

But I've also been drawing some - and even though I thought I would take a break from commissions, here I am working on a few anyway!

So first of all I am drawing some illustrations for a handbook for Transitions Towns / Groups, which Transition Denmark (/"Omstilling Danmark") has made. It is a kind of a tool box to help groups start up. I am doing this fully as a gift, since it is an important case that I am happy to support!
Here are a few of the simple black/white chapter-illustrations. Then I am also going to make a front page in colour.

Secondly I have just finished a commissioned book for a friend, to keep records of the garden and of veggie sales. The front is his box of seeds :)

And thirdly I am working on a birthday portrait of a girl and her favourite singer in a loving embrace! Here is a very early stage work in progress shot

And finally I am also making some illustrations for a project that a group of writers and volunteers are making here in the valley, about the local refugees. The project is still in early stages, but so far, the writers has written some stories based on the stories of the refugees and me and another illustrator are going to draw some pictures for them and finally it should all turn in to a book! I have not even started the sketches for this yet, since I have had enough work, but I am excited to be a part of this project too!

Thank you for reading, until next time - enjoy the spring and plant a tree <3