On cars and Climate Change

Thinking again..

As most of you know, we (me, Roberto and little Willow) are planning to get a van and go travelling by the end of the summer..

I just recently watched "What a Way To Go: Life at the end of en Empire" and the last episodes of "Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey", which told me what I know already: the climate is warming and hardly anything is happening to stop it.

I knew this of course, but it was just another slap in the face that (again) made me think: This is just getting too far out, how can people keep on living as they do, without changing, knowing  this is true, how can governments, and, most importantly; how can I!?
Okay, I have already lowered my living to a pretty low impact life, but most importantly; how can I even be thinking about buying a van now, fuelled by fossil fuels? Leading even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere!?

Maybe we should just go on bicycles. Or by foot? Or what can we do?

I feel like making a statement, do MY best to this world.

We have also talked about running the van on something else, veggie oil, alcohol, even water is possible, but of course this engine is not on the market and any home made changes to the engine is illegal in Europe.

But my dream about the van also includes that I really want to be able to go visit my family in Denmark from Italy (or wherever I am) without flying, go visit those friends in Austria, Tuscany and so on, and go to a Rainbow Gathering in the mountains...
I feel a bit trapped here in the valley, and I don't think bicycles would give me much more freedom.

Furthermore, we are travelling with a - at the time almost - 2 year old, and I want a base for him where he can feel warm and safe and at home anytime.

I guess the second point is the most important, for as soon as we are out on the road, I won't feel trapped anymore. That's just for when we settle down again.
But Willow is really the main reason why I want a mobile home for us.

So I really don't know.

Ideas may arrive.

For now I am in the middle of learning to drive to get my license, and I guess I will continue my studies for that so far.

But I really wish to find another way, show that things can be done differently. Start the new story that we need so desperately.