The making of a bread

I have now, at the age of 30, made my first rye bread, 100% of our own cultivation (apart from the salt that some good people from Pakistan collected from the Himalayas).
But actually it is crazy to think that it took 30 years for me, and for most people their whole life, without eating a bread where they could follow every seed, sprout, plant, harvest and baking of! Well that's the world we live in, but I can tell you, it's a beautiful and really satisfying thing to do.
This bread is made solely from rye, poppy seeds and linen seeds. 
Here are some photos of the process! (of course everything grown without any chemicals!)

The amazingly huge self sown poppy in our green house that gave a huge amount of seeds!

We grew our grains on two fields with a bit different methods. This is the field of Roberto's mother, amidst the building of their new wooden house (therefore the ugly orange fence)! It's the rye the nice thick one to the left. To the right are different sorts of wheat.
And Willow doing his part

The other field, here Roberto is sowing clover for ground cover / living mulch

Our circle bed where we grew linen together with potatoes in the outer circle. In the inner were beans with some aromatic plants and flowers.

Just about a month or so later, grown wild! The high straight plants are the linens (we have also used the fibers of the stems of the linen to make both paper and thread)

Roberto harvesting the grains

Rye drying

Linen seeds


Poppy seeds
Almost the hardest job was the cleaning of the seeds in the end! And all of them probably still has a few sticks and shells in, but I think it just does us good to eat a bit of wilderness!

And then to the making of the bread in the end!

Sourdough! There is no artificial or refined yeast in our bread, just natural fermentations

Grain to flour

seeds and halved rye kernels mixed with water and ferment for 24 hours

sourdough, and rye flour ball rests in another bowl 24 hours

next day the two bowls get mixed with some extra rye flour

And here in the end the bread, as a part of the open house day of Roberto's parents natural building project!

Read my Full Rye Bread Recipe Here!


  1. thats really nice!
    Thanks for sharing freja!

  2. Thank you! Are you bases in Spain?

    1. Thank you. No we were in italy but right niw we are on the road and going to spain soon actually 😊


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