Art Update - inktober, stick'n'poke tattoo, T-shirts and wall painting

inktober#15 orchids

It's October, and for illustrators that means #inktober! An art challenge to draw one drawing with ink each day of October and post it online with the hashtag #inktober, and I have finally managed to participate each day so far (just had to "run" in the beginning!)
Here are a few of my inktobers - if you want to see them all, visit my Instagram

My first inktober was a stick'n'poke tattoo! The second I've made so far :)

inktober#4 Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks

inktober#6 dead bird

inktober#2 Funnel Chantarelles

I've also converted some of the designs to digital artprints for T-shirts, stickers and more on some Print on Demand pages:

Chantarelle T-shirt on RedBubble

Coffee Mug on RedBubble

Orchid Sticker on Society6

I also made a wall painting / mural on the wall of my boyfriend's mother's meditation room. It's the Bodhi Tree, the tree that the Buddha reached enlightenment under

Made with natural sand paint

And this also became a T-shirt - from DesignByHumans